Project: Raspberry Pi bases Point of Sale(POS) for retail shops


Raspberry Pi bases Point of Sale(POS) for retail shops

For those that don't have the budget to afford a proprietary system, for those who need a simpler inventory/POS system, and want a system to run on the Linux operating system, over lower energy consumption, fully open source support and lightweight enough to run into a ARM based SBC as the Raspberry pi.
A serial thermal printer it used connected to the serial GPIO output.
The software supports touch screens and most barcode readers.
Supports many POS terminals with a single database on a network.
VNC Remote Desktop connect to the box to make changes, update stock, make purchases, transfer files, and so on.
Administration tool for managing your store, printed reports, SQL backups to external USB storage.

Resource must have 3 to 4+ years of hands-on knowledge on Raspberry Pi and Development tools with Installation and administration.

If you have completed similar project would be added advantage.

If you need more information and interested in this project, send email with your latest resume to:
Status: Idea
February 12th 2017