OpenSource Circle Community providing platform to students, individuals, professionals and organizations to take advantage of knowledgeable & skilled resources those who work as volunteers, open consultant specialized in enterprise Open & Proprietary solutions – design, implement, maintain and support IT infrastructure related areas.

Community – Groups are a great way of meeting new people, learning new skills and to know what’s happening, new trends and for directly getting involved with the local as well as global community.

There are many reasons for a group to get together:

  • Enables people to share information and help each other to solve issues
  • Stimulates debate and discussion in order to provoke community-led action
  • Brings together a variety of people with different skills, ideas and resources to address particular issues
  • Can help a community to access funds to improve the awareness and serve better to society and
  • Many more reasons which you can think of 🙂

We are also actively involved in Open Source community-building, support, education, and public advocacy to promote awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software.

With our Community People’s Services, Consulting, Support & Training, organizations lower their IT capital costs and operational expenses.

Helping Enterprises Use Open Source Software.

Have fun! and Join us today!

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